Desvy Deconstruction Group offers a sustainable alternative to mechanical demolition. We ensure that the quality of building materials can be recycled and reused. We are a licensed, insured, and naturally well equipped Deconstruction Company. We deconstructed parts and buildings then divert equipment as far away as possible from landfill sites. Our systematic deconstruction practice also ensures that hazardous materials are found, captured and disposed of safely and in accordance with provincial and federal regulations.

Desvy Love and Respect Our Environment

It is our responsibly to reduce hazardous materials and waste in order to improve air quality and our environment
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Our Team

A reliable and experienced team for your projects. Rest assured that your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns

Innovative Ideas

Creative ideas for your projects. Desvy Group is proud to participate in the development of Quebec territory.

Modern Technologies

Operational efficiency is what make us unique. We carry out all of our operations safely, effectively, and efficiently.

recycling operation

We able to recycle all deconstructed materials that come out of buildings such as concrete, steel, masonry and wood.

LEED Project Certified

Our ability to rapidly mobilize and ramp up with full-time personnel and thousands of subcontractors.

Specialized Equipment

Contract our equipment and personnel needs based on the specific requirements of each given project.

Want To Know Us Better

Detail oriented approach and cost effective deconstruction solutions, personnel and equipments
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The Desvy Group Deconstruction
with Passion since 2015.

Our Professional Profile

Our Operational efficiency, Our ability to rapidly mobilize and our personal involvement in each project, along with our detail oriented approach and cost effective deconstruction solutions, continues to produce award-winning results for our clients.


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Awarded Submission

cost effective solutions Projects

At Desvy Group Operational efficiency is our passion
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Recycle Operation

Eco-responsibly recycling. Whether from construction, renovation, demolition sites, projects, waste, wood processing operations. We make recycling and reusing our business.


LEED Project Certified

Each project is unique, we achieved Operational efficiency by our ability to rapidly mobilize our team and resources. Our carefully planned detail approach make every Desvy Group project a cost effective deconstruction solutions for your business. We use only leed project for waste management.

leed project specialist

Deconstruction Projects

Some projects routinely include all sort of historic preservation elements. Whether is the deconstruction of structure or compromised buildings, we constantly develop innovative deconstruction methods especially in debris recycling techniques. The Desvy Group and team of expert are dedicated to safely and efficiently remove hazardous materials and restore our community natural environment.

Desvy Deconstruction

Contract Equipment

Desvy Group have a very large inventory of equipments, it gives our clients the ability to rapidly expand and contract our equipment on specific requirements of each given project. At any given time of the day we have access to all sort additional equipment for debris handling, reduction equipment, hauling vehicles, bucket trucks, cranes, specialized and heavy equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...


Contract Personel

Desvy Group management developed and executed detailed methodology that included a large numbers of experienced personnel, procedures, and measurements to mitigate our project and team’s risks. It always been our priority to adhere to the rules and regulations of the site and the local regulatory authorities.

>Desvy Group Contract Personel

The Desvy Group is Unique

A deconstruction company that contributes concretely to the well-being of Quebeckers
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Our Clients Testimony

Because we care, and devoted to bringing excellent solutions
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Oliver H.

Desvy managed to get the job done on time and without any issues which made our job extremely easy. We appreciated and hope to work with you again.

Merany C.

The Desvy Deconstruction Group is a very organized and efficient company, they will help you formulate a deconstruction plan that will be completed on time and on budget.

Jacob. L

I personally want to recommend Desvy deconstruction for a project completed on time and without any issues. Every challenge or difficulty we encountered was promptly addressed and care for without delay. I also wish to commend all of its workers they were very professionals.

Peter M.

Desvy Group always exceeded my expectations. Their services are great, I must thank Jason personally for a job well done. It’s refreshing to be able to put confidence into a team and see the completion of our project on time and according to cost. In the future you will be definitely the first we call.

Feel Free to Contact Us

With any questions or inquiry...
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1150 Cote Terrebonne, Terrebonne, Qc. J6Y 1G5

+1 (438) 828-9848